Dr. Elias Papazissis


Dr Elias Papazissis studied Medicine at the University of Athens, afterwards continuing his studies on Public Health and specialising in General and Community Medicine.

In 1995 Dr Elias applied the system of treating acutely ill patients at home and has been the director of various companies and hospital departments since.

His model has been acknowledged as one of the best e-Health services in Europe (e-Europe Awards).

He has been working on electronic patient records, classification systems and systems aiming to assist medical supervision and prevention of medical errors.

He has also developed IMPACT© (Intelligent Medical Patient record and Coding Tool) and Control Tower © as well as devices for the care of bedridden patients.

He has received international patents for medical devices and instruments that he has developed and manufactured:

  • Patient weighing machine on the bed.
  • Disposable drip stand.
  • Tissue heat-exchanging machine with internal cold water circulation.
  • Multiple sequential subcutaneous injection machine for cellulitis treatment.
  • System for safe simultaneous gastrostomy and placement of post-pyloric feeding tube.

In 2003 he founded the non-profit organization IRITEL (International Research Institute for Telemedicine), of which he is President until today. He has organized medical missions to small Aegean islands where health services are rudimentary, especially during the winter months.

He has organized 3 National Conferences of General Family Medicine and Emergency Outpatient Medicine in Athens with practical training in invasive techniques.

He has organized educational workshops on difficult placement of IV catheters in the cities of Athens, Larissa, Thessaloniki and Patras.

He regularly organizes practical training seminars on common medical procedures (I.V. cannula placement, central venous catheter placement, wound stitching, etc)

In 2013, he was invited to Kuwait to organize the “Hospital at Home” system at national level.

He works with the hospitals ATHENS MEDICAL, HYGEIA and DOCTORS ‘HOSPITAL.

He specializes in invasive techniques:

  • Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) and placement of post-pyloric feeding tubes through the PEG.
  • Placement of Port-a-Cath for long-term administration of fluids and drugs.

He is a member of the Hellenic Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Non-Invasive Surgery and deals with implanting techniques of PDO threads and other methods of skin rejuvenation.

He has served as vice president of the Association of General Family Doctors of Greece.

Ασχολείται εξειδικευμένα με τις επεμβατικές τεχνικές:

  1. Διαδερμικη Ενδοσκοπικη Γαστροστομια (PEG) και εισαγωγή σωλήνα σίτισης διά μέσου του PEG στο λεπτό έντερο.
  2. Τοποθέτηση Port-a-Cath για μακροχρόνια χορήγηση υγρών και φαρμάκων.

Είναι μέλος της Ελληνικής Εταιρείας Αισθητικης Ιατρικης και Αναίμακτης Χειρουργικής και ασχολείται με τεχνικές εμφύτευσης νημάτων PDO και άλλων μεθόδων ενίσχυσης των στηρικτικών στοιχείων του δέρματος.

Έχει ειδικευθεί στον Παραδοσιακό Κινέζικο Βελονισμό και είναι πιστοποιημένος στην εφαρμογή του βελονιστικού πρωτοκόλλου NADA (National Accupuncture Detoxification Association). Έχει εξειδικευθεί στη βελονιστική μέθοδο εξισορρόπησης Yang και στη μέθοδο κρανιο-βελονισμού Yamamoto.

Διοργανώνει πρακτικά κλινικά σεμινάρια που απευθύνονται σε ιατρούς, φοιτητές και επαγγελματίες υγείας, με ποικίλα θέματα όπως περιφερικός φλεβικός καθετηριασμός,  συρραφή τραύματος, ηλεκτροκαρδιογράφημα, παρακεντήσεις κοιλίας και θώρακα και κεντρικές φλεβικές γραμμές.

Έχει διατελέσει αντιπρόεδρος της Ένωσης Γενικων Οικογενειακων Ιατρων Ελλάδος.